A paint booth optimized for energy and environmental

A paint spray booth is ventilated workroom, specialized for surface coatings. The
ventilating air is used to entrain and remove contaminants from the workroom.
Normally the quantity of ventilating air exhausted is large. The quantity of ventilating
air that is exhausted from paint spray booth built to a Mobile Zone design is small.

A paint booth built to the Mobile Zone design will generate utility bills that are basically the
same every month. The effect of low winter temperatures or high summer temperatures
are negated. This is the result of reducing the quantity of air consumed by the paint booth
that must be heated or cooled. Additionally, if air pollution equipment is required for VOC
control, then the equipment is much smaller.

Although dependent on the product produced, the Mobile Zone features may be installed
in the paint booth at no additional cost due to offsets resulting from smaller heating and
cooling equipment.
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Mobile Zone Paint Booth
Painting of commercial jetliner using mobile work platforms for worker access